Keynote Astronomy & Astrotainment

with Paul Hombach

Paul Hombach is a musician, actor and space-enthusiast living in Bonn.  He studied music, theology and geography at Bonn and Cologne Universities and was a board member of the public observatory in Bonn for 16 years.

Since 1991, he has been an ensemble member of the Springmaus improv-theatre group.  He is editor of the „Abenteuer Astronomie“ magazine and producer of numerous radio and internet-TV shows on astronomy.  In 2009,  he was part of the German organizing committee of the UNESCO International Year of Astronomy.  As a frequent speaker at the Deutsches Museum in Bonn and international in different planetariums, he is experienced in the popularization of astronomy.  He takes his audience on an unusual tour through the universe in a combination of art and science.  How big is the universe?  Does our solar system have the blues? Do pulsars have a groovier beat than any known jazz drummer?

You’re about to find out…….enjoy!